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The Juicy Advantage of All Things Vintage

My love for all things aged has led me to cultivate a love affair with flea markets, thrift shops and surplus stores. There’s just something about pre-loved, nearly historical clothes, bags and accessories that I totally can’t get enough of. For me, vintage things have very juicy advantages… 1. I’m not sure if this affliction … Continue reading

Words & Eccentricities

Coffee, Imelda, and bolero jackets…

The past is a haven for the dusty, jaundiced photographs of yesteryears. An era our great-oldies reminisce fondly with gap-toothed smiles and the slightest glimmer of tears in their eyes. It’s an old record they play while humming through conversations in their rocking chairs…over aged china and newly-brewed coffee. Recollections of what was and at … Continue reading