Opening Salvo: The perfect prelude to Dinagyang 2013!
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Opening Salvo: The perfect prelude to Dinagyang 2013!

Last friday, I ventured down town to catch a glimpse of the brewing preparations for the much anticipated Dinagyang festival. It’s a celebration that dates back to the 1960’s and is one of the best cultural affairs in the Philippines with several national and international awards under its belt. The colorful banderitas have been strung across the … Continue reading

Matthew’s costume and Halloween in the Philippines!
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Matthew’s costume and Halloween in the Philippines!

A few years ago, All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day in the Philippines simply consisted of visits to the cemetery, native Filipino delicacies made of glutinous rice and muscovado sugar (in various shapes and forms), the now defunct Magandang Gabi Bayan episodes and re-rerun’s of Shake Rattle and Roll. But now, we have come … Continue reading

Going Places

Diving for Coins

The Philippines is home to hundreds of ethnic groups and the Badjao people have a distinct culture all on their own. They live in close clusters and thrive in little makeshift boats.  In these little boats they roam… their young skin soon aged by the sea. because under the same sun, they can never be too … Continue reading

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Evangelista: A Haven for the Modern Fashionista

Welcome to Evangelista, a quaint neighborhood that hardly resembles the busy streets of modern Makati. Instead of skyscrapers and men in business suits the whole area is dotted with small stores that specialize in car parts. On first glance it may look like the ultimate haven for car mechanics and automotive specialists (whatever that job … Continue reading