I’m not gonna lie. My blog is cleverly fashioned out of a Blink 182 song, and there’s nothing really wrong with Blink 182, save for their misguided abuse of body art. Now before you start clicking on a Googled copy of the song, don’t really bother. Although it is pretty catchy. It bears no profound, intellectual meaning or connection to my life in any particular way.It’s aptly called “All the SMOL things” because it describes anything from my quirky view of the world and my eccentric habits, to my own brand of medical humor and my love affair with Ultimate Frisbee, flea market bargains, DIY projects, sewing, Choco pie and coffee. It’s a blog that celebrates my  individuality, my theatrics and hysterics, my paid writing gigs (hire me quick!) and all the wee little details that are specifically SMOL. 🙂

If you happen to like the same things, then feel free to look around future friends and fellow earthlings!


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    Thank you for the “like”! I really enjoyed “Roman + Shalani”. Looking forward to visiting again to look around your blog a bit more.

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog! I am honored! I love what you are doing over here. Very cleverly written and I love how your personality comes through!!! Keep it up!

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