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Shooting for the stars: my first Marketing Class project in photos…

Aside from the usual pattern-making and fashion design subjects at school, I also enrolled in Fashion Marketing – yes, our school believes that fashion is serious business, hahaha. For our first major project, we had to come up with a rad ad campaign using our own self-imagined brand. And in my sleep, the universe conspired to lure me into a brand image that clearly embodies my hopeless romantic self and my previous job as a wedding video editor-yes, it simply can’t be Sportswear or corporate or comfy casual. My dream brand just had to be bridal. Oh and the fact that I’ve just been proposed to by my boyfriend of 5 years and am in the midst of planning a wedding had absolutely nothing to do with it. Smirk.

And since fashion education is by no means cheap, I had to think of ways to meet this class requirement without overspending on a model, a photographer and a good location. Enter the talented girls of Mayad, who with an ample amount of Starbucks and a flick of their magic wands, can do just about everything in the realm of the wedding industry.

20140214-130640.jpg Sheena, the marketing manager, left her emails for a while to tend to hair and makeup. Marga, the onsite editor, unleashed her inner Cara Delevingne to the delight of the renovated white dress that I got for 100 pesos. And Carmela and Katrina, let go of the video to focus on the photo. May I also add that some of the guys were also there to lend a hand ( a shout out to King and Alvin! ).


20140214-130723.jpg. The wonderful location for this shoot is none other than the Mayad office – I disrupted the peace and quiet for a good three hours for these shots…hahaha…

20140214-130755.jpg. Now let’s get on to the DIY part! Seeing that I had to channel the rebel bride vibe (I usually hate anything normal looking), I went off in search of a unique veil and headdress. Much to my delight, I discovered some bits of black lace (remnants of a time when I didn’t really know what corded lace was and I ended up buying this heavy black thing in bulk, haha)…. Good thing there are affordable variants of tulle so I helped myself to several yards from Divisoria (the ultimate haven for the financially challenged shopper). I opted for a side veil (if there really is such a thing hahaha, I’m just probably making this up as I go along) The fake flowers are not at all labor intensive. You can buy them most anywhere. These are actually 5 separate pieces of fabric flowers, meant to be worn as a head ornament since it had elastics attached. I got some wire and wound all 5 in place for a makeshift bouquet bracelet (like the ones you see during prom season). So with the help of my Mayad friends and lots of fabric glue, I got my ad campaign and forgive my lack of humility for the moment but I think it looked mighty fine! 🙂 cheers to brides and talented buddies!



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