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Cafe Italliani: Italian Coffee, Ilonggo Hospitality…

No matter what I find myself writing about, there will always be room for new coffee adventures for me and this little blog. So when I went home to my Iloilo a few weeks ago, I was psyched to discover a new coffee shop in full bloom!


I was invited for afternoon coffee by my pretty friend Ann, who I haven’t seen in quite a while. So I amateur drove to Robinson’s (one of our local malls in the city) to meet her. She introduced me to Cafe Italliani and yes it was love at first sip. Take a look at my Italian soda and be very very jealous, hahaha.


The Cafe, which can be found at the 2nd floor of Robinson’s mall, is owned by budding entrepreneur, Alexis Evidente, who in one single breath informs me that he is not an English-speaking Italian or a full on American, he is just an Ilonggo who happens to speak very fast, fluent English, with a big dream and a love for red and pink shirts.


Armed with a previous experience in an L.A.-based valuation company that handles all sorts of clients from MGM to small hospital groups, he decided to fulfill his life-long dream of opening a coffee shop that serves quality coffee made from bold, full-flavored beans. He was even kind enough to give me a short lecture on coffee (this entailed tasting the beans and comparing them, something I’ve never done before despite my self-professed love for these ravishing roasted beans, hahaha).

And yes, you may as well know that what you get inside your little cup (you get to have your own cup when you become a regular customer by the way 🙂 ), is real Italian coffee, made from the very same beans used in the Vatican! It’s like having afternoon coffee with the Pope! 🙂


And because Alexis believes in sustainability as the key to business success (fair price, fair profit), you get to enjoy these thirst-quenching treats without the budget suicide. Sweet! 🙂


As I always say, a good cup of coffee is always heightened to perfection with something sinful and saccharine.



When are you going to have your first sip of Italy? 🙂


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