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My Second Story

Hi wordpress friends and fellow earthlings, I’ve been busy and I know you’ve missed me hahaha, but my long absence is due to some courses I have been taking at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines (which may produce lots of posts about recycling pattern paper and scrap fabric in the near future ;-)) and to the birth of my online store at Facebook (where I have been flooding my timeline with thrifted/”ukay” finds). I figured I might as well turn my hobby into an income-generating past time or risk stocking up on great finds that a.) I have YET to wear

b.) are too big or too small for me

c.) are too big or too small for my sister, or

d.) are too weird for my mom.

Yes, you guessed it, I named it “The Second Story”, partly because I believe that well-made clothes and vintage treasures have a second story to tell, partly because my boyfriend is confusing me with his conversational construction and engineering terms, and partly because, aside from nursing and my love affair with the surgical ward, I believe its never too late to pursue my passion and begin a new chapter, to tell a second story ;-).

Here’s a peak at some of my store items…

a little bit of black…994842_591492117540914_1280783845_n6201_582377691785690_1589161859_n

some high-waist jeans/shorts that I shortened to perfection…

578368_589793431044116_2023589681_n 971777_598366836853442_2100273782_n  1017078_582376361785823_171497754_n 1005210_591866610836798_1868091260_n

some daisy dukes that I embellished with lace and faux pearls…

969592_580736465283146_1147691668_n 1016264_584703574886435_675023015_n

and yes, some vintage tops! 1012351_584411848248941_1108863480_n 1017175_584411841582275_23813879_n yslThe best thing about this little project is the fact that I get to keep and wear the leftovers! Like this vintage, union-labeled black, white and neon yellow button-down, 🙂

Visit my Second Story someday soon, https://www.facebook.com/TheSecondStory



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