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15, 185 Lanterns for Peace!

Last May 24, we had the privilege to witness a new Guinness world record when we signed up as volunteers for the  “The Inaugural Light of Peace Event in the Philippines”.     Organized by the Middle Way Meditation Institute, the event’s main aim was to promote world peace (yes, it’s a beauty contest cliche, but I do want world peace 🙂 ) thru inner peace. A total of 10, 000 volunteers flooded the football field of the UP Miag-ao Campus to launch an overwhelming 15, 185 lanterns, beating the previous record held by Romania (12, 470 lanterns).

This first batch of pictures were taken during the orientation last May 22, I figured you might want to see some behind-the-scene shots before I show you the pictures from the big day, haha…



                   IMG_20130522_165354                         Volunteers listening to the orientation.


The last batch of lanterns being made.

IMG_20130522_173056                           IMG_20130522_173348

The stage, all set for the record-breaking day…                         IMG_20130522_175313And me, always on the look-out for a proper “selfie” opportunity. hahaha

On the 24th, I set out for Miag-ao at around 10 in the morning, with my Dad and my little brother in tow (that early, they were in fact, that excited). Volunteering has its perks. For one, I had plenty of parking space. Coming a few hours later would have meant my social demise (yes, I have very limited parking skills).

At around 2:30, people started pouring in, by cars, by buses, by truck loads…


They lined up and were ushered into the field, with their cameras, their water bottles, their white tee’s and their little dreams of peace. 249178_4999942872754_106002877_n        263370_5000187798877_1425437562_n


My dad and my boyfriend lighting up their own lanterns (guess they did not get the memo about the white tee’s, hahaha).




And yes, at the count of three, and after 10 minutes, those 15, 186 lanterns were lit up for peace.  🙂

Postscript: You can watch a short amazing video of the event, made by my friends from Revery Films, here on this link:


4 thoughts on “15, 185 Lanterns for Peace!

    • thanks goderictia, they plan to host another lantern event like this again next year, I hope you can experience it for yourself, its one breath-taking view indeed! 🙂

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