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Guimaras Island: Oooh, summer!





I took these photos during a weekend trip with some hospital buddies last february, but I opted to post them now because yes, summer is finally here!

We went to Guimaras, an island a boat ride away from the busy streets of Iloilo. Aside from its sweet mangoes, this place is also famous for its beautiful beaches!

This time though, we did not go to the usual Guimaras hot spots in Nueva Valencia. Instead, we headed to the slightly undiscovered ruins of the Guisi Lighthouse in Dolores. (I will get to that historic lighthouse on my next post, so consider this a sneak peak, hahaha)

Like the other more famous island of Boracay, Guimaras is dotted with beaches of blue-green waters and white sand. While comparing them may be totally unfair, I think three major things separate them. Guimaras has slightly pebbled shorelines, occasional jellyfish feeding frenzies and a lot of room for improvement on the “night life”. But as a consolation, its a great place to not care about banana boat rides and the rising price of henna tattoos! hahaha













Below are views of the old Guisi lighthouse, a historic landmark built by the Spanish in the 1890’s.IMG_6631








The entire island is sprinkled with unique limestone and other mineral formations that add an interesting touch to its overall topography. IMG_6641 IMG_6642


IMG_6706 IMG_6712







And there’s nothing like a boat ride in and around its many small islands to take in all that view! IMG_6770


IMG_6778 IMG_6779








I can almost feel the sand between my toes…yes, summer is officially here!






8 thoughts on “Guimaras Island: Oooh, summer!

  1. YES! Summer in the Philippines is awesome! After 5 years, I am so lucky to again spend it here! I wish I could visit Guimaras! It looks so peaceful and hot and summery! Haha! Great photos! Keep it up! 😉

    -Nina ❤

  2. Hey! It’s nice to find a fellow- Filipina blogger here in WordPress 😀 Firstly, I’d like to say thanks for visiting my blog- That was how I found you in the first place 😀 Also, your pictures are splendid! Hopefully, I could visit Guimaras when I can finally manage to go home to the Philippines !

    Keep writing!

    • Thanks gemsindimes, yes, I don’t always come across Filipino bloggers here in wordpress, nice to meet you! You should schedule that visit soon because Guimaras island is one great alternative to other tourist-heavy beaches here in the Philippines, and do visit my Iloilo City too! 🙂

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