Words & Eccentricities

Surgical Crosswords

I’m a proud product of the often misinterpreted Nursing boom. Cynthia Villar and all that bruhaha. 🙂 And I admit to being a volunteer nurse at the shocking age of 28. But there are 54 patients in this ward, some on Balkan frames, tractions and casts, others with colostomies, tracheostomies and a multitude of drains and pains. And as long as I don’t IV push them with potassium, they don’t really care if I’m paid staff or not. Volunteerism isn’t so bad. There are interesting, sometimes amusing, bits and pieces on a normal hospital shift.

This guy certainly agrees. As if being in the hospital isn’t stressful enough (even when you’re not the one on that bed), he stops fretting about the bills and the expensive medications lined up in a row in single a prescription.

He sits on the floor, because the beds and chairs are full and the place is a blur. And with all the concentration he can muster, he finishes a crossword puzzle from yesterday’s newspaper. 🙂



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