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An anatomical review of my first steampunk costume: long overdue!

My attempt at a self-made steampunk costume has garnered quite a few re-pins so I have to make good on my promise about posting a how-to on this wee little project. To make it easier, I placed a few labels on the picture.

Yes, imagine what you can do with a full can of metallic paint, huh? I don’t know about you but I believe that you can find substitutes for the things you’re supposed to buy if you have the time, and a room full of odds and ends.

For the things I had to purchase though, here are the prices:

can of metallic paint: about 200-400 pesos (7-8 USD), depends on the size

fur-lined jacket from a flea market sale: 100 pesos (about 2 USD)

long black skirt: 10 pesos (about 0.25 USD)

Total price: around 500 pesos

You can clean and paint everything in under four hours. For the skirt and the corset, I had to spend several hours upcycling them. The corset took a bit longer because the fabric was pretty old when I bought it several years ago (despite the aged fabric, its interesting details won me over). I had to patch up several areas before finally trimming the top off and stitching up leather straps and metal chains from an old necklace. It took me about 5 hours to complete it.

I found a long black skirt with several layers (perfect for making that Victorian bustle). But since I wanted to be able to move around in it, I just hiked up the front to create more weight on the skirt. Sorry you can’t really see it here. 🙂

I wore black long socks (the kind you use for soccer games, hahaha, my previous Ultimate Frisbee must-have’s before the revolutionary introduction of spandex cotton shorts) and green Keds ankle boots (somebody gifted me with a pair, hahaha).

The bike parts were suspended with an old badminton racket and a leather strap. Also not shown here, my bad, 🙂

Now that doesn’t sound too hard, right? You can definitely try this at home! 🙂



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