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30-minute DIY Valentine-inspired Vintage Hat

We spent new year’s eve at my grandmother’s house in the province and it gave us another opportunity to rummage through her closet for some vintage finds. True enough, we found her wonderful polka dot dress from the late 50’s (and you know what they say about wearing polka dotted things for the new year, hahaha).

To complete the look, I decided it was time for another DIY project, a vintage 50’s hat in a bold red color just in time for Valentine’s day. I got the fabric from one of my mom’s old skirts. Here are the other materials you will need.






You probably have some of these things lying around your house somewhere! Now let’s begin…

Start by folding the piece of cardboard lengthwise, creating a circle that fits around your head (you can adjust the size to your liking though).


Fit the bonnet over the cardboard crown.


Fold the bonnet over the edge of the cardboard just so that you can stitch up the edge of the bonnet to the part at the top of the hat, as shown in the picture below. You can do a simple stitch and you don’t have to be too neat and tidy, it will be covered by another piece of cloth.



Get your red cloth and hold it up at one end. The amount of fabric you want to leave on top of the hat depends on your preference. Just make sure you leave enough fabric to go over and under the hat. 🙂


Gather up some of the fabric to create a “puff”, and when you have enough, tie it up with a piece of string or a rubber band.




When you’re satisfied with the “puff”, place it over the hat, and do a final check to make sure that all the edges are long enough to gather under the hat. IMG_4727

Place the entire fabric on top of the hat, securing it with pins as you go. Position the puff on one side of the hat.


Do another check and start making a back stitch around the hat, joining the fabric under the hat and the fabric on top. This can be a bit tricky, so be careful with those needle pricks! 🙂


 When you’re nearly done with the stitching, the hat should look a bit like this.IMG_4730

Trim the excess fabric on the bottom of the hat. You can stitch it onto the bonnet if you still have some time.



Take off the elastic and tie up the puff with a red ribbon. You may choose to hide the ribbon under the puff or you may get a bigger ribbon and accent the hat with it.IMG_4733


Divide the puff into several tiers, I created three.  IMG_4735


 Hold the “tiers” in place by sewing some plastic beads onto the hat.


And you’re done! 🙂


IMG_4748 IMG_4754IMG_4763


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