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Old houses and General Hughes

If anything can rival my life-long obsession for old dresses, it would probably be my subconscious inclination towards old, creepy, abandoned houses. Maybe I’m just an old soul. Yes, maybe I’m a third-world Methuselah reincarnate. Or maybe, just maybe, it stems from my childhood conflicts of living in an apartment and thinking, at 6 years old, that if I wished hard enough, I just might find myself waking up in a three-storey pink castle. The rest, as they say (and forgive the cliche) is history.

That said, it may be no accident that I live in Iloilo and not in some land far far away (with three-storey pink castles).

If there’s one more thing to love about this city, it may be the fact that it is sprinkled here and there with age-old wood and stone houses, a constant reminder of its past grandeur as a particularly affluent Visayan pueblo under the long Spanish rule.

This house along Gen. Hughes St. in Iloilo’s bustling city proper has seen bettter days. It was last used as a branch of Afrique’s, an Italian restaurant with several branches scattered throughout the metro.

I took these photos during one hot November afternoon and the lighting was exquisite. I loved how the early afternoon sun played with the shadows of the trees, sneaking into the little bends and corners of the house, enveloping it with an almost mystical presence (that may look a bit creepy when you look at the pictures at night, with your bedroom lights all off, hahaha).

I don’t really know a lot about this house, its owners or its past lifetimes. I don’t ask too many questions.

That way I can always look at it under a shroud of make-believe mystery. And it can be anything I imagine it to be. It can even be a three-storey pink castle in the heart of my favorite city. 🙂









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