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Cheap DIY projects for a Harry Potter Theme Party

There are no limits to what you can do with some creativity, a sewing machine or a bottle of glue. And yes, I have to thank Pinterest for some of the great DIY ideas I discovered just in time for Mattie’s birthday party.

My baby brother Mattie is not so little anymore. I asked him if he wanted another one of those cartoon-inspired birthdays with Ben Ten or Phineas and Ferb motifs. He wanted to dress up as Edward Cullen and have blood-colored drinks instead. The Harry Potter option made for a good compromise.

This year, we opted to hold his 9th birthday in our grandmother’s house in the province, with an entire community of little kids from our barrio. These are kids who come from a variety of backgrounds but they’re so unlike the kids I find in the city- 6, 7, 8- year olds with PSP’s, tablets, iphones and a host of other gadgets that make me squirm at the thought of the beat-up but totally dependable Nokia 3100 inside my pocket. Their enthusiasm for something as seemingly ordinary as a kiddie party was simply refreshing.

For his HP costume, I used his old oversized black jacket as a guide and draped two types of scrap black fabric to turn it into a robe. My sister’s old hippie eyewear was revamped into the perfect round-rimmed HP glasses (yes, all she had to do was remove the lens). The rest of his “costume” (slacks, red vest, tie) is actually his school uniform. Good thing the colors matched.

IMG_4236 IMG_4238

I know firewhiskey is not an ideal table centerpiece but these HP labels from Pinterest were just awesome, so I printed a couple of them and glued them on some glass containers.



I made several scarves in Gryffindor colors of deep red and gold out of scrap fabric and fiber fillers.


The makeshift photobooth was created from several pieces of used bond paper (probably from the many corrections of thesis work I had to print out two years ago), crayons and two coats of coffee stain (a trick I learned from my friend Jessie, it makes anything look old and vintage-y).


All in all, I loved preparing the DIY projects for Matt’s HP-ish birthday party with the local kids of our little Sitio – where all you really need is a good pabitin game and unlimited spaghetti 🙂



4 thoughts on “Cheap DIY projects for a Harry Potter Theme Party

  1. Awesome idea, specially for this age group. I read a recent Time magazine article stating how Universal Studios did well because of Harry Potter theme land, Disney’s sales remained flat so they are coming up with a new version of beauty and beasts castle (candlesticks alive) and even their version of butterbeer . There is great market for Harry Potter parties, love the creativity and pics.

    • Thanks! Yes its a perfect theme for kids who are getting tired of the cartoon-ish stuff and I’m a big HP fan myself, so I enjoyed making the projects for this party. I read about that theme land too, wish I can see the place someday! Glad you liked this post! 🙂

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