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Golden afternoons






When I was younger, and yes (shorter), I spent my summers at my grandmother’s house in the province. I loved everything about it, save for the compulsory afternoon siesta. All those precious afternoon hours I missed by climbing out the window and easing through the bamboo fence in the backyard to play with my friends, have been ganging up on me for the past few years. When I had to survive the long hours of nursing school, online writing and hospital duty, I imagine those wonderful afternoon naps I missed snickering behind my back. Pay back time.

So now when I get the chance to spend a day or two in the province, I soak up the sweet rural scent of coconut trees and ripening rice fields in siesta sessions fit for a queen! Then just before dusk, I spend some time in the backyard – I greet the bamboo leaves that mat the moist soil, the murky waters of the shallow pond, the elderly mango tree.

It all feels quite the same. But I’m not looking for an easy gap in the bamboo fence.

Because I am wearing my grandmother’s polyester dress. The cool green grass is tickling my feet. And the afternoon sun is repainting the backyard in swathes and patches of gold.

I will give the bamboo fence a rest. This is an equally great escape. ImageImageImageImageImage


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