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Frisbee with you! :-)

To begin with, let me just say with every ounce of affirmation, that hell yesss, Ultimate Frisbee is a sport. Those who say otherwise have never really tried to play the game. The great thing about it (aside from Derek Ramsey) may well be the fact that its the closest thing to the simple games we used to play as kids. It has no referees, you can play it on any open space and you get to dress up in costumes, cool hair cuts and neon shorts. And like any other game, you get to have fun and laugh at yourself once in a while.

To the team mates and fellow ultimate players that were unfortunately caught in these funny shots, peace,  FRISBEE WITH YOU! 🙂


Now that’s called playing dirty…while tying your shoe laces.


Yes, he may be one of our best players, but he can be the butt of the joke sometimes, haha.


There’s a disc somewhere in this whole mess. Somewhere.


Now this isn’t one of those girly duck face photos, is it?


Guess who?


Be dead serious about defending your call, even if you look like an over-coated chocolate crinkle.

There are pictures of epic Superman saves, awesome lay-out scores and fierce moves on the field. And then there are these… well, at least they got the disc.


Ultimate – a great alternative to vasectomy.

Let’s face it, we all want to look like real kick-ass athletes on the field, but no matter how conscious you are about your looks, there are pictures that can end up looking like this.

This is Sparta!



…and the intuitive beginnings of the Gangnam style way before PSY. 🙂Image


4 thoughts on “Frisbee with you! :-)

  1. I have never played ultimate frisbee–the rage happened after I gratuated from college. Looks like fun, though. I have kids (four of them). Is this something we could do as a family or would kids be frowned up on the “greens”?

    • Although I have yet to see little leagues for Ultimate, its a game that can be played by anyone of any age. Here in the Philippines we have a 50-something player who plays with his 20-something son. 🙂 I think its a good sport to try, esp. for kids, it teaches a lot about teamwork, honesty and sportsmanship. You and your family should give it a try!

  2. We have a course (old golf course) not too far away, so next summer, I will take the kiddos. Right now, I don’t feel like freezing. 🙂

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