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Matthew’s costume and Halloween in the Philippines!

A few years ago, All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day in the Philippines simply consisted of visits to the cemetery, native Filipino delicacies made of glutinous rice and muscovado sugar (in various shapes and forms), the now defunct Magandang Gabi Bayan episodes and re-rerun’s of Shake Rattle and Roll. But now, we have come to embrace the more festive and fun side of this affair with Halloween parties and costumes…but not without that distinct Filipino flair!

Here are some pictures to show you just what I mean. I have to share these pictures of Matthew’s first zombie costume adventure. With some white gauze, tape, lots of glue and my mom’s extra makeup set, we created this easy zombie look in less than an hour.




It’s not really a kid’s party if you don’t have the traditional Filipino “Pabitin”.



Or suman, alupi (a type of cassava cake), dirty ice cream and other Filipino treats…



And yes, he won second place out of nearly 200 kids in WVSUMC’s Halloween Kiddie Party!

I hope your Halloween celebration was just as awesome!


4 thoughts on “Matthew’s costume and Halloween in the Philippines!

      • Haha, he is getting the same feedback from some people, well, let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint! Right now he is dying to finally have his permanent teeth, that’s the main reason why he isn’t showing any teeth when he poses for the camera (gaaawd, he is getting sooo vain!) haha

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