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Guitar Heroes and a Sonnet

I credit my amazing High School English teacher for his wonderfully crafted lectures about dead poets that forever live on in Junior High textbooks, theatrical plays and test papers. And even if I do love modern poems like “Having a Coke with You” in that Beastly movie, I’m still quite partial to my one true love…Shakespeare’s 16th sonnet.

Arguably the most celebrated sonnet out of the big bunch, this personal favorite of mine may have left many of his other works undiscovered. But I’m glad I came across this other sonnet, written several lines further in William’s long scroll. I don’t know about you but this one reminds me of my guitar heroes, guys I’m forever going to be infatuated with, singers who sing and write and strum (without making total Biebers of themselves on stage)


Cat Stevens – the beard, the beat, the minimal use of “baby, baby”…


Who doesn’t love John Denver on weddings and rainy days?

and those wonderful Filipino bands that have ingrained my everlasting bias to alternative music. When I read this, I am 16 once more, in a crowd of teens, looking up at my favorite band, in my non-skinny pants…



How oft when thou, my music, music play’st,

Upon that blessed wood whose motion sounds

With thy sweet fingers when thou gently sway’st

The wiry concord that mine ear confounds,

Do I envy those jacks that nimble leap,

To kiss the tender inward of thy hand,

Whilst my poor lips which should that harvest reap,

At the wood’s boldness by thee blushing stand!

To be so tickled, they would change their state 

And situation with those dancing chips,

O’er whom thy fingers walk with gentle gait,

Making dead wood more bless’d than living lips.

Since saucy jacks so happy are in this,

Give them thy fingers, me thy lips to kiss.

A shout out to Angelie,

my aunt/confidante/superhipTripmagazinesupplier…

for taking me to my first Rivermaya concert,



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