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20-minute DIY Pillbox Hat

Sometimes accessories are necessary to pull off period costumes. For my 60’s-70’s project, I figured a wool dress in a great cut wouldn’t shout “vintage!” without the signature pillbox hat (think Jackie O, you know…). But a quick trip to the mall made me realize that no vintage-inspired hat on a fancy lighted display can ever be worth a week’s allowance, so I had to improvise! After searching through the rubble of odds and ends in my sewing corner and a quick trip to the craft store, here are the materials I collected. 











Of course you can always use anything else that would resemble or work just as well for your own little DIY hat. Assemble everything and get busy!

A vintage hairstyle, a photoshop-ed mole and a wool dress later, the result looked like this!



7 thoughts on “20-minute DIY Pillbox Hat

    • You should! I’m planning to make a couple more, its hard to find affordable/authentic vintage hats where I’m from, thus the little innovation. Glad you liked this DIY project! 🙂

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