Flea Market Finds

Going Vintage!

My sister has yet another school requirement coming up, in the form of a vintage-inspired fashion show for PE class. Yes, you read that right.

And because I love old dresses and other old things, I volunteered to hunt for the perfect vintage dress. After several productive vintage hunting sprees over the years, I’ve come to a few conclusions.

  1. Vintage dresses take longer to wear, and are harder to get out of. Spandex and other stretch fabrics were non-existent. These dresses were a form of contraception.
  2. Vintage dresses can be extremely forgiving. They flare and fit at the right places. You don’t have to be an Olsen.
  3. Vintage dresses are good for the environment.

So without further ado, here are some of my latest vintage finds in what may well be the cheapest photo shoot EVER.


Jam minus the makeup…

60’s-70’s purple wool dress, a ten-peso treasure!


the clever cut hides the result of those KFC bucket meals! haha


a black DIY hat and a 60’s-70’s white shift dress.



jam on top of a chair. in front of an electric fan.


60-70’s long-sleeved white polyester top. a neon green skirt from an unremembered extracurricular activity.last year’s prom shoes.


60’s dress in a very itchy fabric.my sister’s high and mighty mary jane shoes.



60’s-70’s dress that would have looked great on Twiggy, hahaha, but Jam pulls it off quite nicely, the headband is a pink sash from my mom’s wedding gown.



meet our little mattie! 🙂


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