On End Zones

Huck O Hulyo Tres: A Wet T-Shirt Contest Success!

The recent Huck O Hulyo Tourney was a rain dance away from a possible disaster, yet, I’m writing with all positivity when I say that despite the varying storm signals throughout the week and all other environmental factors considered, seven wonderful teams braved the wind and the rain to play in this year’s tournament! Wohooo!

We, the Ultimate Club of Iloilo, welcomed our constant supporters from the Boracay Dragons, Boracay Ultimate and the Passi Ultimate Club along with new attendees from the CPU Strippers (they are pretty wholesome, believe me), Mina Ultimate and the mighty, morphin’ Power Rangers of the ringer team.

Here are the results of this year’s games:

Champion: Boracay Dragons

2nd Place: Boracay Ultimate

3rd Place: Ultimate Chili Infernos (UCI)

The two-day event was sponsored by Isuzu, Smart, 3 Wills Travel and Tours, Oting Construction and Supply, and the local government of Iloilo. We would also like to thank the ICER team for the medical aid throughout the tournament.

Thank you to all the players who came and conquered the muddy playing field. I wish, with all sincerity, that your white jerseys are all OK.

Cheers to a game worth wetting for! Til next year! 🙂


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