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Old-Fashioned Charms…

If my sister had the same ecstatic fondness that I have for vintage and costume jewelry, I’m pretty sure she’d wear these darlings more often. My sister  owns them but she rarely ever uses them at all. And because I can’t bear to see them rotting away in the same corner of our ever sturdy dresser, I willingly take them out for dinner dates and lazy Sundays once in a while. They’re pretty heavy and the locks are unusual. You have to turn the screw to fasten them in place. I don’t really know if the stones are real or not. But heck, these babies look adorable either way! 

They’re so adorable they inspired me to create my own recycled vintage-y accessories! Bits of fabric fillings, different colored-ribbons, some beads, a broken metal chain and my very basic sewing powers… and I’m traveling back in time again! This bracelet can double as a necklace when the ribbons are extended and the small round pillows can be filled with anything you have lying about.  
I’m sure that by now, you have begun to realize that I am nothing without my favorite polka dots and stripes!  This orange dotted fabric came from an old blouse of mine. And since I can’t be 16 forever, for some weird reason, it just won’t fit me anymore! So I decided to lovingly cut it into bits and pieces for my new, old-ish bracelet that’s featured right here! 🙂

Old shirts can turn into your latest treasures too! Here’s a rosy beauty. Who ever had the right to limit green color to leaves, and grass and hairy garden pests anyway?

You don’t have to travel back in time to wear genuine vintage jewelry. Time travel is a feat that is best left in the movies. But just in case you do succeed, would you mind saving some Victorian flounced petticoats for me? 🙂


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