Flea Market Finds

Vintage Finds!

I found these two vintage dresses with their union labels still intact and a bit readable. They’re fruits of a long happy hunting spree amidst piles of relief goods for sale in my local wet market.

I paid about 20 pesos for this dark blue and cream dress with a red lining around the collar. It’s this awkward length and a size 18 so I don’t wear it that often. I thought about cutting it and doing some modifications here and there, but I figured the union label makes this number totally one worth keeping in its original state.

The Union Label is still readable! This dress is probably from the late 60’s or the early 70’s…

Now here’s another sweet surprise from the ukay2x pile! I got this hippie early 70’s dress for about 10 pesos. There’s no real damage, just a little rip along the shoulder area (nothing a needle and some thread can’t fix). Its a size 10, so it fits me just fine and its from Lady Carol too!

I just might be starting a hobby here folks…hahaha


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