DIY Ideas

Smol Goes Steam Punk!

I love period costumes. And though my day to day get-up may well be disturbingly ordinary ( I believe in casual Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays…), I do love dressing up for costume parties. The last time I did, I came as Wednesday Addams (hair extensions and all) but now I figured I’d try something much more challenging.

Steam Punk is an eccentric mix of Victorian colors and silhouettes with a Utilitarian flair. It screams Industrial Revolution. It brings a whole new meaning to “Rage Against the Machine”. hahaha.
To put it even simpler, if Jane Austen married Sherlock Holmes, this would be it.
I detest commercialism and impulse buying. I am cheapness personified. So this little masterpiece is a mix of everyday things and stuff I found while rummaging through my closet, my Mom’s closet, my Dad’s closet, my boyfriend’s garage and a quick trip to the thrift shop and the hardware store.
I’ll be posting more pics and DIY tips for this Steam Punk costume soon! 🙂

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