Going Places

Diving for Coins

The Philippines is home to hundreds of ethnic groups and the Badjao people have a distinct culture all on their own. They live in close clusters and thrive in little makeshift boats. 

In these little boats they roam… their young skin soon aged by the sea.

because under the same sun, they can never be too young…

or too old…

never too helpless…
or too eager for a coin…

never too weary…

never too patient…

never too scared…
On that particular day,  I entrusted all my little coins to the sea. 


2 thoughts on “Diving for Coins

  1. thank you gazeallyouwant, I'm glad you enjoyed this post! Try going to cebu by boat and you will encounter lots of Badjaos. There's a city ordinance banning the throwing of coins to them but nobody finds it in their heart to ignore these special sea people…

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