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The Yellow Patterned Dress: A Murder Revealed

This post is a confession.
Yes, I admit to rummaging through my mom’s closet for clothes that might look good on me. And yes, sometimes I tear down a dress in several pieces in order to fit my more modern sense of style (whatever that is). I confess to being swept away by the notion of possible fame as a style-recycling diva (a label I invented during my manic moments). Here is one project I am confessing for. And with the help of my little sister (who is not so little anymore), I came up with two separate tops from a single dress. Take a look!

On the background is my mom’s closet, the same one I always raid when I am tired of tearing down my own set of clothes. These pair of pants are “ukay” too, and the belt is from the SM department store (during a sale of course). You can pair this with black pumps for a night out or some flats for more comfort.

I find the sleeves of this dress really vintage-y and unique. So I decided to play with the puffs by making her wear a pair of black shorts and her black prom shoes. You can wear this with flats too.  

She does this thing with her hair, they look a bit disturbing at times. I think they make her look like she’s got lice or something, she thinks its cute. You decide.

Who needs models when you can bully your little sister into doing this for free? lol


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