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Thrift Store Finds Along Hizon Street

I have a penchant for all things old, from vintage dresses to vintage houses. This little street at Barangay Bangkal in Evangelista Makati, is a heart-stopping prelude to the ultimate Manila thrift store experience. If I had a house of my own, I would be hording stuff from this place. I’d be driving a truck and asking people if they accepted cheques and promisory notes. 
Here are some amazing things to fill your empty imagination to the brim!
This set of wooden trunks cost as low as 5, 000 pesos. If you are a master bargain-maker then you can probably get it for a lot less. As to the authenticity, I wouldn’t really mind if they are not at all vintage, they are simple adorable!
These candle-holders vary in price from 1, 000 to as much as 5, 000 pesos, depending on how old a piece is. Doesn’t this picture vaguely remind you of Lumiere and Cogsworth? hahaha
I am no antique dealer, but I’d love to have one of these on a table top.
The owner says this authentic painting sells for 4, 500php. Ah yes! The art of vintage hunting!
If  these don’t light you up, I don’t know what will!
This looks like something out of that high school Ibong Adarna book.
Flowers and intricate wooden borders make for the perfect wall decor.

Relive your fairy tale fantasies, magic mirror on the wall…
Travel back in time with these thrift store bargains!


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