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The Paraw Regatta Festival 2011

After a month-long hiatus from the Sports Complex and Frisbee team practice, we had a beach tourney on the shores of Villa Beach in Iloilo. The event was sponsored by the Iloilo City Government as part of the sporting activities of the 39th Paraw Regatta Festival.

Amidst the grueling heat of February and the intense games we played, I found some other picturesque scenes that may also be blog-worthy…

Local boys going for a quick dip after spending the entire day under the sun.

A bicycle and a determined soul…
The colorful sailboats failed to mask the mundane look on this boy’s face.
Adolescence still struggling to walk the straight path home…

An unlikely playground in a patch of dark sand…
Cameras and spectators delight in the intoxicating sights.
Village girls scavenging for an evening meal…
While the rest of us longed for mangoes, some were eager to sell them all away.
Two men, pondering over the day’s catch…

For this young mother, all the day’s festivities couldn’t have competed for her attention.
The world may be your oyster…
or your shady little corner…

While the games went on, the colorful little boats merged with the setting sun and the pale blue ocean.

The crowd cheered.

The winners rejoiced.

But for some people, it was just another ordinary day at the beach…


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