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A Vintage Prom Project

 My little big sister is now 15 and yes she is taller, weighs heavier and may be a tad bit prettier than me.
She is now officially a teen who doesn’t really care about anything other than her French tip and her cheek tint. But yes, being 15 comes with its own brand of self-absorbed thinking, so I can’t really blame her for behaving like the usual prom-struck “teen”.

They had a Vintage-themed Prom Night and I struggled to create the perfect ensemble from snips and bits of what we both love about Vintage fashion.

In our own self-absorbed way of thinking, the following elements make for the perfect Vintage look…

1. Nothing spells vintage better than Audrey Hepburn. We thought about the bun, but decided she was too young for an updo. We thought about that dress she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but she thought she wasn’t skinny enough to do justice to it. So we settled for the gloves instead. And by the way, I couldn’t find any shop that actually sold black velvet gloves! I bought some velvet cloth and hand-made them using the remnant skills I used to have thanks to those Home Economics classes back in grade school.

2. I had to choose the perfect Vintage era to base a dress on. The 40’s was far too stiff and tailored for her full-figured body, so I opted to go for a dress that was somewhere between the 50’s and the 60’s. This way it had a balance of structure and softness. Rather than have one of those ballerina-ish creations with a sweetheart neckline and some tulle fabric on top of a full petticoat (the ballroom was full of these dresses during their prom night!), I went for something more elegant and womanly. Here are some of the inspirations I picked out. I love the cut of the Sarmi empire waist gown in pink chiffon but I got more dramatic colors from that gold and black creation from the late 50’s. My special thanks to Ammi Hofilena for her added creative input!

 3. Now for the hair. My sister has long healthy dark locks, so I decided to do something similar to this hairstyle. Yes, incidentally it’s a picture of Audrina. We do love our names!

4. You may recognize Twiggy as that delightful judge in some episodes of America’s Next Top Model. Well, back in those days, her big soulful eyes were a huge hit ( bigger than THE Tyra Banks anyway) so I decided to give it a try. May I say, that it took us a good hour and a half to get a similar look. Whew!

With all those things combined, here’s a picture of the final product. She danced the night away and got home 2 hours after her curfew. But I used to be 15 once, so I guess there’s nothing better than your first prom!


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