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The Juicy Advantage of All Things Vintage

My love for all things aged has led me to cultivate a love affair with flea markets, thrift shops and surplus stores. There’s just something about pre-loved, nearly historical clothes, bags and accessories that I totally can’t get enough of.

For me, vintage things have very juicy advantages…

1. I’m not sure if this affliction is nothing short of my usual form of rebellion. I hate conforming to social fashion norms. I don’t buy something simply because its “trendy”. I want to wear something unique and comfortable. Besides, what good is a trend if you can’t pull it off anyway? If you’re missing my point on the matter, just remember that NOT EVERYBODY LOOKS GOOD in SKINNY JEANS! So the number one advantage of vintage? You have lesser chances of finding somebody wearing the same dress in a party!

You’re skin…oh yeah you’re skin and bones…-the perfect ladies to epitomize Cold Play’s Yellow song.

2. Think about vintage hunting as a wonderful alternative to recycling. Before you grab that hot new item on the rack think about the production cost that went into making that dress, the chemicals used for that faux fur coat or the machines used to produce the zippers, buttons and other embellishments on that new bag. You will be saving the earth when you choose to buy used, yet equally wonderful items! Be your own Captain Planet minus the flashy costume!

                 Gay-est Captain P picture ever!

3. The economy is still down in the dumps and its not improving anytime soon. So if you have the attitude and the confidence to make a vintage find look ridiculously expensive, go ahead and save thousands of dollars by buying vintage clothes instead.

4. This is a nice excuse to raid your grandmother’s closet. Make sure you ask permission though. If she’s no longer alive, get a psychic medium by all means! Provided that you will be putting her old things to good use, I’m pretty sure she won’t mind. Plus, its a good opportunity to pay homage to her sense of style. Aside from her lace wedding dress, you may find something else totally worth wearing. Yes, your next vintage treasure may just be hiding in the attic!

I can think of other reasons why its “advinatgejuice” to wear vintage clothes. But if I write them all down now, you wouldn’t be coming back for more! (evil laugh, evil laugh, evil laugh!)


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