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A Touching Vow…

Here’s an excerpt from the wedding vow I wrote for my friend’s sister. About the funny sporty theme, well, let’s just say the groom was a big big fan of football…

“…Like football, we will be a team in this game called life. It will not be about winning and keeping score. It will be about working together, trying our hardest and ultimately doing our best. I will be your midfielder, an able solution to your every need. I will be your fullback, when life strikes hard. You will be the perfect keeper, of our ambitions, our dreams…our goals. Let us be forwards who look for every opportunity to win over our differences, our doubts, our fears. Beginning today, I will be blessed to share each of my lifetime’s victories with you.”

Well, whaddaya know? I can write vows for a living! I’d be called a vowriter or something like that, lol

Here’s a nice picture of the newlyweds….


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